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CRC Lectra clean 2018 Contact cleaner

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400gr spray can

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  • CRC INDUSTRIES: A market leader that offers impeccably designed chemical solutions to maintain, protect and repair different marine, heavy-duty motor vehicles, industrial-grade engines, household tools and electrical equipment.
  • LECTRA CLEAN HEAVY DUTY ELECTRICAL PARTS DEGREASER: This industrial-grade electrical degreaser effectively removes and cleans contaminants, oil, grime, sludge, grease and tar from various energized electrical equipment.
  • FORMULA: The Lectra Clean formula has a chlorinated solvent base that is extremely effective in most heavy duty applications to dissolve grease, oil, tar, dirt, and other stubborn substances. Lectra Clean is non-corrosive, non-staining and non-conductive.
  • APPLICATIONS: This chlorinated solvent-based degreaser works efficiently to clean contaminants from energized electrical equipment such as armatures, electric motors, generators, compressors, relays, and electric panels. It features a fast evaporation technology that minimizes downtime.


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