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HomeTrimar StoreSafety -Fire & EmergencyBENZ PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUIS C02 15 LBS


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product details : ABC Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher is a versatile fire extinguisher capable of extinguishing all three types of fires A, B and C. It uses the fire extinguishing principle by reducing the temperature. and cut off the reaction of the fire When the chemical powder is sprayed onto the fire It prevents a chemical reaction between fuel, heat and oxygen causing the fire to go out. ​Suitable for installation: Residential area industrial plant Warehouses and production lines, etc.

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CO 2 Fire Extinguisher 15 LBS 15LBS CO2 STEEL FIRE EXTINGUISHER – Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher – Capable of class B, C fires – Suitable for cooking rooms, workshops, offices – Fighting fires caused by short circuits – Features help to reduce temperature heat Oxygen gas extraction – CO2 gas is colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-conductive. Leaves no residue after use – Suitable for extinguishing type B *C *Type B flammable liquids such as oil, alcohol, thinner, kerosene *Type C electrical or electronic equipment s **If the customer wants to order a large number of products at a wholesale price, you can contact me

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Weight 10 kg


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