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Gamma Cmplete Kit

Set of jacket and trousers for hydro-jetting and cleaning, choose between 10/28 or 20/30 protection. Add ventilation for additional comfort in hot climates and environments. Jacket has integrated hand protection. Comes in sizes S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL

Head protection -Complete 20/30

Helmet with Visor and Hearing Protectors. All parts are tested and certified for protection against liquids with pressure up to 3000 bar / 43500 psi. Helmet also meets the requirements for Industrial safety helmets. The interior is comfortable and can be adjusted to a very good fit. The Visor meets the requirements for Eye protection. It is replaceable and can be set in folded up position. Hearing Protectors are classified. They can be adjusted vertically and set in different positions against the head,
for optimal protection and fit. A 3-point chin strap is supplied in the Head Protection kit.

Gloves 500 bar

Waterproof Gloves with protection for up to 500 bar pressure. The Gloves have a rough, sand patterned surface and the material itself provides lots of friction, all for the best grip. Separate inner gloves in nylon for good comfort. The Gloves have also been tested and classified with the highest values for cut protection and for abrasion, tear, and puncture. Outside is dipped in nitrile rubber. Shelf life up to 3 years. Certified in accordance with the CE directive. The Gloves do not withstand high pressure hydraulic fluid. Supplied in 12-pack.


The Gaiters are to be worn outside of the user´s regular protective boots. The entire area round the leg and the foot is protected. Three clips and hook&loops in the rear, and an easily adjustable strap under the sole, ensures that the
Gaiters stay in place. Very comfortable and light to wear. Only in 20/30 protection level. Sold in pairs.

Hose protectors

Hoses break and couplings break, often very close to the operator and at sensitive areas of the body, such as the abdomen, the arm pit or the neck. These areas are difficult to protect properly. To further improve the safety of the operator, it is recommended to use a Hose Protection/ Shroud. The Hose Protection is placed on the hose at the connection to the lance. Closest to the lance, where the hose is most likely to break, there is a 250 mm / 9.8 in. solid steel collar. This provides effective protection for the operator as it has been tested for 3000 bar / 43500 psi. An adjustable strap holds the Hose Protection/Shroud to the lance. The Hose Protection/Shroud is smooth and flexible.

Cooling vests

Cooling Vest Flexi is designed to be smooth and easy to put on. It closes with hook&loops at the shoulders and sides. The Flexi vest has 16 TEMPTECH® elements that absorb excessive heat. Also available in fire-resistant Nomex material
(EN ISO 15025). Recommended to use tight to the body, with a functional T-shirt between, and a covering garment on top.

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