Trimar Hygiene

Workplace, accommodation and high people density hygiene product of professional grade


2020 brought the devastation of Covid 19 to the world, before that virus and bacteria has been a recurring problem areas with high people density such as offshore and work accommodations, offices, schools etc. We have the solution to mitigate and battle these problems , for corporate rates and rates for large quantities

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Corporate and professional supplies in large and recurring orders

Contact our dedicated sales team for a quotation and delivery terms. We store our chemicals in Chonburi and Songkhla and deliver nationwide. For international deliveries we provide EXW from our Chonburi blending facility.

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CT8010 Virus buster

CT8010 is an alcohol free virus and and bacteria buster

Alcohol free virus and bacteria buster, proven Covid19 effective, that kills virus and bacteria and ensures a hygienic environment. Use the ensure that work, home and accommodation spaces are free from virus and harmful bacteria. Popular for use in high people density locations such as offices, offshore installations, schools, hotels, etc.

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Trimar Deep Clean

Water based heavy duty industrial cleaner in different concentrations

Trimar blends Deep Clean in 3 different concentration levels to suit our customer needs T25 is a highly concentrated to be diluted up to 1:20 in water T26 Eco is blended for lower cost and can be mixed 1:10 and T27 is a ready mix. Use to clean industrial facilities and machinery such as factories, plants, heavy equipments, work shops etc. See data sheets for more details

HoS Hand foam

Alcohol free hand foam 

HoS is Hygiene of Swedens smart technology hand foam that is completely alcohol free, effectively kills viruis and foreign bacteria while maintaining your natural good bacteria protection. HoS aids in skin comfort and conditioning. This long lasting product is proven effective against Covid-19 and a range of other Virus and bacteria.

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TrimarChlor Disinfectant 

Chlorine solution for large scale sanitation