Tests, samples and related

Cleaning solidified sludge by Eurolube F-1110 degreaser

Trimar succesfully tested dilution of solidified crude sludge from a storage tank cleaning job. By adding small amounts of Eurolube F-1110 degreaser we were able to turn solid sludge into flowing anough to be pumped by Salaroll super pump. Video link on button below!

Rust remover F-1132 on carbon steel and on Stainless steel

To demonstrate how our rust remover F-1132 can be used to remove rust from arbon steel or to restore contaminated stainless steel we made this simple test to represent real world scenarios.

Testing of Eurolube F-60 Steelguard on drill pipe

Eurolube F-60 was applied to a number of drill pipes threaded connections at a port side pipe yard in Thailand. Pipe owner reported that the coat was uneffected after 12 months outdoor storage in seaside tropical environment

Application of Eurolube F-3333 rust converter on Trimars truck

See how Trimar applied F-3333 Rus converter on its own trucks steel bed 

Trimar FRC coveralls 3rd party testing certs

Trimar uses the economical and comfortable natural material Frecotex in its FRC work wear. This material is tested to ISO 11611, 11612, 14116 by third party.

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