Transport & Rental

Trimar Services offers rental services related to our main products. 

Salaroll super suction pump is a peristaltic (hose) pump suitable for pumping high viscous media and to clear oil spills in remote and hard to access areas. Click for more info. Available as sale, rental or service.

Wire rope lubrication by Viper. Trimar offer rental of the Viper wire rope lubricator. This special tool is designed for fast, clean and efficient wire rope lubrication.

Material Handling and storage

Trimar offers material handling and storage in our ware houses located in Sattahip, Songkhla & Ranong and transfer between these and other locations. Hanling can include collection and delivery from different points as requested, storage from 1 pallet to entire ware house with modern inventory management.

6 Wheel truck transport

Our 6-Wheel trucks are fully covered and locked offering transport of valuable equipment. We offer nation wide transport and consolidated based transport between our hubs in Sattahip, Songkhla and Ranong. For trips from Songkhla or Ranong to Sattahip we usually offer special deals on our routine scheduel, contact us for more info!

Pick-up transport

For smaller lots we offer transport in covered pick-ups safe from weather and loss. Consolidated transport between our hubs available.

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HP Washer, Diesel powered

Portable diesel powered H.P. washer suitable for remote locations. Use water only or mix our water based cleaning chemicals in HP or LP mode. 250 bar/ 20 LPM.

Rent daily, weekly or monthly


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