Tank cleaning - Hygienic sanitation - FiFi Inspection and repair

Trimar offers services related to our main products as part of strategic partnerships with specialist operators in selected fields. This strategic partnership is part of our One- Stop- Shop allowing our customers to get the services through the same channels as you get your consumables and enjoy the same ordering procedures that you are used to with Trimar. Tell us join needs and we take it from there.

Tank, hold, equipment cleaning

Cleaning wet tanks and dry tanks and holds. Ship tanks, mobile tanks and storage tanks. Process equipment and similar.

In our bases Sattahip, Songkhla & Ranong or at anchorage, on and offshore locations.

Hygenic cleaning and sanitizing

Sanitation for bacteria infestation and virus outbreak by fogging and spraying using our safe and highly effective CT8010. For work in offices, ships, rigs, accommodation, hotels, schools, any other location with high people density.

Fire Fighting equipment

Trimar offer inspection, maintenance, repair, survey, fitness checks and similar on FiFI equipment. Shipboard, portable, mines, industrial sites, rigs, platforms and similar.

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