T41 Seawater anti foulant-25l

T41 Seawater anti foulant-25l

T41 Anti-foulant is used to prevent marine growth and seawater fouling in flowing or static conditions. Prevents build-up of mussles, barnacles, algae, tube-worms and other aquatic faulants.

  • When and where?

    Use in any seawater system , flowing or static, that manage seawater. Cooling system, fire water, trim and ballast tanks etc.

  • How?

    Chemical dosing by inject T41 at inlet, inject 6ppm for 1 hour each 24 hour period in coastal waters. Initiate and maintain treatment 3 days before and after entering and leaving coastal waters.

    Static conditions: Add 100ppm T41 to the tanks at time of loading, top up 20ppm each month.


    Shipping nationwide on request, international as EXW

  • Why?

    - Protects piping and tanks from marine fouling

    - Corosion protection

    - Increase system efficiency

    - Reduce maintenence requirements

  • Size and Packaging

    25, 200 and 1000l. Refills available on request.

    Large sizes and qtty contact us for corporate solutions.