T31 Marine growth remover -5l

T31 Marine growth remover -5l

A liquid remover for marine growth such as barnacles, shells, etc from marine equipment

  • When and where?

    Use to remove marine growth from marine equipment and structures such as strainers, hulls, jetties, buoys, wire or any other equipment that has been in seawater and accumulated growth

  • How?

    Soak item in T31 for best effect until MG is dissolved, change chemical if dissolving stops. Can also be used as by spraying and brushing. Will cause etching on concrete. Use correct PPE


    Shipping nationwide on request, international as EXW

  • Why?

    - Remove MG where mechanical removal is not suitable

    - Restore fouled equipment

    - Improve flow and hydrodynamics

    - Treat blockage

    - Reduce drag and weight

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  • Size and Packaging

    1, 5, 25, 200 and 1000l. Refills available on request.

    Large sizes and qtty contact us for corporate solutions.