T30 Descaling powder 25 kg

T30 Descaling powder 25 kg

A descaling powder to remove scale and rust internally in water systems. Sulphamic acid based and safe for chlorinated systems.


  • When and where?

    This safe acid powder is for descaling chlorinated water systems such as piping, heaters, tanks, cooling systems, water makers, boilers etc

  • How?

    Mix safe powder in water up to 24% (saturation) depending on level of scale and time allowed to contact. Normally start with 10% mix and work from there. Let soak, circulation improves effect. Flush with potable water after use to neutralize pH


    Shipping nationwide on request

  • Why?

    - Safe for use in chlorinated systems

    - Improved heat exchange

    - Improve flow

    - Treat brown water problems

    -Safe pH control

  • Size and Packaging

    1, 5, 25kg. 

    Large sizes and qtty contact us for corporate solutions.