T25 Deep clean Concentrate 5l

T25 Deep clean Concentrate 5l

A Water based professional grade industrial cleaner for all round and multi-purpose cleaning of factories, plants, and industrial installations that requires a thorough deep cleaning. Concentrated

  • When and where?

    This water based deep cleaner is suitable to clean industrial buildings, structure, decks and floors, work shops, warehouses etc. Any area that requires deep cleaning. Removes dirt, grime, mold, soot, traffic film, oils etc

  • How?

    Mix 1 part T25 with 20 parts water for general cleaning or higher concent ration depending on cleaning requirement. Clean by mopping, spraying, brushing etc. After cleaning rinse off with potable water.


    Shipping nationwide on request, international as EXW

  • Why?

    - Water based and safe
    - Minimum environmental impact
    - Effective and economical
    - Pleasent scent
    - Easy to use
    - Dilute on site
    - Good for you, Good for the environment

  • Size and Packaging

    5, 25, 200 and 1000l. Refills available on request.

    Large sizes and qtty contact us for corporate solutions.