MK2B Tarasafe Coverall

MK2B Tarasafe Coverall

Treated cotton flame retardant coverall f o r work in environment s with f ire or welding risks . Produced in 2 6 0 gsm twill with FR finish. This comfortable material has a low purchase cost and is match FR standards, it is reccomended for ex. contract crews

Color: orange
  • Material

    100% Cotton 260 gsm 3/1 Twill. Durable flame retardant finish Strength: Tensile warp 800N, Weft 400N, Tear Warp 20N weft 20N. Dimensional stability EN15797 +/-3%, Heat shrinkage ISO 17493 <5%, Colour performance ISO 105 C06 Grade 3-4

  • Safety Specs

    Heat & Flame EN ISO 11612 A1, A2, B1, C1, E1, F1

    Flash Fire NFPA 2112

    Welding EN 11611 Class 1 -A1, A2

    Electric Arc EN 61482-1-2 Class 1

    Liquid Chemicals EN13034

    Electrical Safety NFPA 70E 9.8 cal/ cm2

    Industrial laundry 50x minimum

  • Design

    - European standard sizes
    - 2” 6-Point reflex
    - Oversizes zip-tounge, glove friendly
    - Plenty of pockets and hangers
    - Triple stitching, reinforced wear points
    - See full design sheet for details

  • Why?

    - Comfortable

    - Low purchase cost

    - Highest safety specs

    - Stylish