HoS Hand spray & personal spray 20ml

HoS Hand spray & personal spray 20ml

Hygiene of Sweden is an alcohol free effective antibacterial spray for hands and small items such as mobile phones etc  that was formulated to avoid all bacteria resistance, prevent chemical to breathe in through the skin and still be very gentle to the skin and environment. Elliminates >99% of bacteria and virus!

  • When and where?

    Hygiene of Sweden antibacterial hand foam can be used both by consumers and professionals on hands but also on any screen. Should be used everywhere you want to avoid spreading or get any contagion for example:

    - Gym

    - Public toilets

    - Flight

    - Hospitals

    - health care facility

    - Any transports

    - Hotels

    - Schools

  • How?

    Spray your hands or personal items, spread evenly and let it dry in. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rise eyes thoroughly with water. If used on screen, wipe off with cloth. If washing hands with anionic soap, the residual effect of Hygiene of Sweden can get removed.


    Shipping nationwide on request

  • Why?

    Compared to alcohol-based sanitizers Hygiene of Sweden:

    - Kill 99,999 % bacteria

    - Don´t dry out hands

    - Still active after dried in, long lasting residual effect

    - Do not remove our good bacteria

    - VERY effective against Norovirus

    - Prevent the skin to breathe in ingredients

    - pH adapted, same pH as the skin

    - Not flammable

    - Wash your hands better

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