CT8010 Virus & Bacteria buster 5l

CT8010 Virus & Bacteria buster 5l

A bacterial and virus treatment and preventive for use in highly populated areas to treat and minimize spread of bacterial and virus caused ailment. Elliminates >99% of bacteria and virus!

  • When and where?

    Use in highly populated public and common areas such as accommodation units, rigs, ships, offices, hospitals, elevators, restrooms etc. Use on regular intervals based on contamination risk

  • How?

    Remove visible dirt and grime with regular cleaning first, Spray and wipe for areas with high direct contact (buttons, handles, phones etc) spray and let settle for common areas such as floors, walls, furniture etc.


    Shipping nationwide on request

  • Why?

    - Eliminate bad bacteria spreading

    - Eliminate virus and influenza

    - Ensure healthy living and working environments

    - Avoid spreading of disease

    - Ensure high hygiene standards

  • VDO presentation

  • Size and Packaging

    400ml, 1, 5, 25, 200 and 1000l. Refills available on request.

    Large sizes and qtty contact us for corporate solutions.