9010 Level SIX

9010 Level SIX

The versatile 9000 Series™ offers a line of palm-coated knit gloves, supplemented with SuperFabric®* brand materials for industry-leading cut resistance, and purpose-built for a variety of industrial applications. Most of the 9000 Series™ gloves feature a unique palm coating, maintaining the highest
grip in varying conditions while providing increased abrasion resistance to extend product life.


    • SuperFabric®* brandmaterials providesindustry-leadingcut resistance(interior layer)
    • Elastic cuff for acomfortable fit
    • Grip in dry or lightoil situations
    • Abrasion-resistant flatnitrile palm coating
    • High-performancepolyethylene andglass fiber blendshell
    • High dexterity
    • Launderable
    Available in sizes 7/S through 11/XXL


    Shipped Thailand wide, Worldwide shipping on customer accounts

  • Specs and Certs

    ANSI/ ISEA Cut A6

    3472 gr cut resistance

    ANSI/ ISEA 138

    ANSI/ ISEA puncture 4

    CE 3X43EP

    EN407 Contact heat level 2