Field test of F-60 Steelguard on drill pipe

F-60 Steel guard rust preventer

This product is water based, has a high spreading rate and will cure to a semi-plastic state that is not greasy or messy as traditional dope, and not hard as a paint. It retains some elasticity to allow knicks and scratches to re-seal and prevent holidays in the coat. The steel shall be clean before application, we reccomend F-1110 degreaser to clean of residual dope.

F-60 application

Apply by brush, roller, sponge, rag or spray. For threaded connections as it this test we reccomend brush in order to reach valleys of the grooves. Allow to touch dry without exposure to rain, this test was donein Thailand with ambient and steel tempratures at around 30 dgrees celcius so about 1 hours in adequate curing time. After curing is complete to touch dry you may expose the subject to the weather.

F-60 Result

This particular test done at a seaside location in Thailand had no visual signs of breakage when the pipe owner made a visual inspection after 12 months. Should a break/ holiday be present it will be easily identified by visual inspection due to the coats blue colour and corrosions red or brown.


This product is also used today to protect stainless steel from seawater spray during offshore applications.

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