Desco Premium Valve Lubricants

Desco offer a wide range of valve lubricants to ensure valve reliability and longevity in the harshest environments. Using Desco products in your valves will ensure functioning valves while reducing wear damage. Use on gate valves, plug valves, X-mas trees, choke valves, BOP, hydrocarbon service with high water, H2S, Co2, sand etc

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Desco 1055

Premium synthetic Valve lubricant

Desco 1055 premium valve lubricant is meeting the highest requirements for hydrocarbon service including sour service, HT and high water cut.

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Desco TFE 108

Valve sealant for hard to seal and passing valves

Desco 108 is developed to seal valves that are passing or leaking even after use with 1055, 108 allows yo some additional time to valve swap and service.

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